5 Ways of Using Completed Graphic Recordings

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You’ve got these fantastic graphic recordings from your meeting, but how will you use them? In advertising, the more you expose people to a brand or message the more likely they are to commit to it. The same holds true for the outcomes and action items in a meeting. Graphic recordings are already an engaging visual record of your meeting, but it’s important they are displayed throughout the year to keep the content top-of-mind and ensure long-term commitment to the action items. 1. Use the images in other materials Specific imagery in the graphic recordings can be isolated as stand-alone graphics for use in other materials such as reports, brochures, Powerpoints, websites, etc. It’s a great way to liven up information-rich reports or add that “human touch” to a website. Images from a graphic recording are incorporated into an organization’s report. 2. Cards, coffee mugs, and screen savers A number of my clients have printed their graphic recordings on greeting cards or mugs given out for employee recognition and thank you’s to clients. Many others use the graphic recordings as desktop backgrounds or screen savers — a constant visual reminder throughout the year. 3. Laminate the hard-copies Many organizations display the graphic recordings in their hallways or bring them to future meetings as a touchstone to continue the conversation. Laminating the graphic recordings ensures they are durable and prevent wrinkling, tearing, colour fading, or yellowing. When walking through the graphic recordings with colleagues, you can use a whiteboard marker (depending on the brand of marker – test it first!) to circle items or add extra text – a great way to make them more interactive! Mounting the graphic recordings on foam-core or gator-board is also an impressive format for public display. 4. Prezi presentations Prezi is a dynamic way to walk through the graphic recordings and additional text, photos, videos, or a voice over can easily be added. Prezi presentations can be embedded on websites, shared internally with staff, or presented at conferences. Below is an example Prezi that integrates additional text to provide context (note this is an excerpt from a full Prezi presentation): 5. Whiteboard-style animation Video is fast becoming the most engaging way to reach online audiences, especially if the video is well-designed and entertaining. Whiteboard animations are a popular way of explaining complex topics in a simple and engaging format. Because graphic recordings were created live during your meeting, this animation style engages viewers in the same way because each concept is drawn out in time with a voice over. Converting your graphic recordings into an animation solidifies the action items or key discussion points from your meeting into a professional little video ready to be shared with staff who weren’t in the meeting or a broader public audience. I offer a range of animation services – from converting graphic recordings into a basic whiteboard...

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Whiteboard Videos

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Whiteboard videos (sometimes called whiteboard animations) explain complex or detailed topics in a simple and engaging way, and they’re growing in popularity across organizations. Many organizations that I work with are reporting their whiteboard video is receiving record numbers of views compared to previous videos, more traffic to their websites, and better customer comprehension of their organization. Simply put: it’s hard to tear your eyes away as the illustrations unfold. We are all a blend of three learning types: kinetic, visual, and audio — usually one is more dominant, and for the majority of us it’s the visual learning type. These videos, when done well, engage the three learning types — kinetic learners are engaged by movement and the process of creation. Audio learners are drawn in by strong narration and music. And highly visual people are engaged by the visual metaphors and scenes. Below are two videos I produced during early summer. I had a fantastic time working with both AHA Creative Strategies (check out their funky website!) and the Air Shift Group, who are dedicated to air quality improvements. AHA Creative Strategies from AHA Creative on...

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North West Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurship program

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Check out some of my latest whiteboard videos and the process behind creating these eye-catching animations! Dr. Brent Mainprize from the University of Victoria’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business got in touch with me in early March to help develop a video showcasing a new program for Aboriginal entrepreneurs in North Western BC. The turnaround time was tight, but we put our heads together and wrote a script, constructed a concise story board, and ultimately produced a video that emphasizes the core principles and value of the program. To date, this is the longest video I’ve put together. But if this were a standard 2:00-3:00 min. video, it wouldn’t provide prospective students with a comprehensive understanding of the program. It’s fantastic that the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business has developed such a unique program, and I’m excited to contribute to its promotion — check out www.nwace.ca for more...

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Hand Drawn Videos

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I recently collaborated with the lovely Della Smith, principal at Q Workshops, to create a  hand drawn video profiling her unique facilitation style.     Hand drawn videos explain complex concepts simply and quickly. Watching the drawings unfold is mesmerizing and keeps viewers engaged; much better than your standard Power Point or animated video!   Hand drawn videos are great for: broadcasting new ways of working to staff (policies, IT systems, etc.) public awareness campaigns explaining unique services keeping viewers engaged (and possibly entertained!)     I enjoy working closely with clients to achieve their vision — it’s important the video conveys the right tone and message. Sometimes this means re-filming segments if they’re not quite right! A big white board, plenty of studio lighting, and a Nikon d7000 helps things run smoothly.   Oh, and a stubborn attention to detail!...

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